Feature and Follow Friday – #2

Feature and Follow Friday – #2

Well this week has not been as hectic as previous weeks but the question sure does apply to me.  At first I was not sure if I was going to even have time to participate in this weeks hop, but for some unknown reason when I opened my e-mail and saw that Alison from Alison Can Read put me as the feature, it reminded me to take a few minutes and answer one question.

What are some Tips that help you with Blogging?


Right now my main focus is planning and scheduling.  I work and go to school at the same time as working on this blog.  My planner has everything from school work being due, chapters to read and even the hours that I need to be at work.  Making time to read for fun means that while I am blow drying my hair my Kindle is in front of me so that I can read.  While I am watching the latest NCIS or some other show I have my laptop open to my blog typing away at the latest post (right now I am watching Lucifer from the other night on Hulu).  So my tip, make a little time, books that I read are for me.  It is supposed to be fun and sharing books is fun to me.  Don’t let the blog stress you out.  I took a while off and just came back.

taken from Lucifer Fan page on Facebook

I mean really who does not just love that grin.  I can watch him all day long.

How to Follow Me…

You can pick one or you can pick them all, but I would like to welcome each and every new follower so leave me a comment down below.

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4 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday – #2”

  1. Great post! Planning and scheduling is extremely helpful! For Christmas I got a Midori book. I love it is been super helpful with planning and brainstorming blog ideas. What type of planner do you have? I know they have a huge selection at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I am following you on Blogloven and Twitter.

  2. The planning and scheduling are the things I know I should do but never get round to. One day I plan on being organised. Right now I mainly blog on the fly.

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