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Feature and Follow Friday #1

Feature and Follow Friday – #1

With a new blog (as a returning blogger, I took a few years off and focused on my school work).  It is time to get back into this correctly (or maybe slowly).  I would like to welcome new followers and any that have found me because I just changed all of my social media links as well, Welcome Back!  So it has been a long time since I did a Feature and Follow Friday but it looks like I came back a just the right time as Parajunkee and Alison recently changed the rules a little bit.

What Movie from Book coming out in 2017 are you most excited about?

I had to really think about this, there a quite a few books being made into movies this year and I have to admit I have only read a few of them (Sorry if it was not part of the required reading in my studies I did not have time to really read it).  But the story line of a few of them look amazing and I am really looking forward to those.

  1.  Wonder – number 1 it has Julia Roberts, I just love her and like I said these were picked because the story line looks good.
  2. The Circle – I love a good thriller as a movie as long as I will not be sleeping with one eye open (Sorry to the Stephen King on book to movie list) so this one really caught my interest.

I do plan to see other book to movies being released but these two have gotten my attention the most on movies that are high on my must see list.

How to Follow Me…

You can pick one or you can pick them all, but I would like to welcome each and every new follower so leave me a comment down below.

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