The Temporary Wife by Jeannie Moon

The Temporary Wife is a cute quick read.

My Review

When Megan Rossi is close to losing, Molly, the daughter of her best friend, she gets the limited offer from Jason Cambell.  After hearing all the reasons his parents think Megan should not be raising his neice, Jason decides to help fight back.  The offer, a temporary marriage with Meg receiving the house and custody of Molly at the end.  With that Meg agrees to be Jason’s Temporary Wife.

I really did enjoy this book, but I am a sucker for Cinderella reads.  Though Meg has another offer to help her fight for Molly, she does not want to have to borrow from her brother.  Even if the offer from Jason is not ideal, it si the best of the two and she knows it.

Jason and Meg make great characters with their “secret” past and hard to fight attraction.  But the character that stole the book for me would be Jason’s assistant, Harper.  Whether you are loving her or hating her, I really just wanted to know more about her.

About the Author

Jeannie Moon is a school librarian who loves that she has a job which allows her to immerse herself in good books and call it work. A native Long Islander, Jeannie still lives there with her family and a couple of well-behaved dogs and an equally misbehaving cat.

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Question for Readers?

How far would you go to keep the child that was left in your custody?

The Temporary Wife Book Cover The Temporary Wife
Forever Love Series
Jeannie Moon
May 21, 2013
Nook Book

It was an offer she couldn’t refuse…from a man she couldn’t resist. Kindergarten teacher Megan Rossi is devoted to being a mother to her best friend’s five-year-old daughter, Molly. When the child was orphaned, Meg became the little girl’s legally named guardian—over the objections of Molly’s wealthy grandparents, the Campbells. Now the Campbells are petitioning for custody, and Meg is faced with a long and expensive legal battle. The last thing she expects is for her former high school boyfriend—and the Campbells’ estranged son—to offer a solution: marriage. Billionaire software developer Jason Campbell knows his parents don’t have Molly’s best interests at heart—it’s all about control for them. There is one way he can ensure that his sister’s last wishes are honored. He will offer Meg the protection of his name and lawyers until the custody arrangement has been finalized , then he’ll secure his niece’s future with a very generous divorce settlement. Jason’s considered all the scenarios, except one—that the sparks that once flew between he and Meg might reignite a burning passion. And that his confirmed bachelor heart might just melt away from the heat…

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