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When I saw we had a Freebie this week for Top Ten Tuesday I had a lot of things go through my mind of what I should make my list of. This Top Ten Tuesday list was not my original plan.  I was thinking of Top Ten books I read in School or Top Ten Novellas.  Yet here we are with the TOP TEN TUESDAY: STRANGEST BOOKS MY MOM HAS RECOMMENDED TO ME.

If you have read my review of The Billionaire’s Christmas you know that my mom has paid for Kindle Unlimited and shares it with everyone.  Since she started paying for this my mom has given me some of the most interesting book suggestions to read.  I say interesting as these titles are coming from a mom to daughter on what I should read next.

Top Ten Tuesday: Strangest Books my Mom has Recommended to Me

Slave (Finding Anna Series) by Sherri Hayes

I am not sure what interested my mom in this book exactly but she ended up buying it and the rest of the series and she keeps asking me to read this book.  While it does sound good sometimes this is not something you want your mom to recommend to you.  Still it has made its way onto my TBR pile when I have time to read the book.

Ruby Falls by Nicole James

My mom loves this one and she has even gotten my sister to actually read it over the Christmas holidays.  Though I did not have as much time to read over the holidays as she did my sister agrees this is a very good book to read.

Panty Dropper by Paige North

With a Title like Panty Dropper I have to wonder what it is that my mom is reading that has gotten her to these recommendations on Amazon and Goodreads.

Charming: A Cinderella Billionaire Story by Sophie Brooks

OK, the whole Cinderella thing comes from my moms love of the hallmark channel movies.  She does keep saying those movies give unrealistic expectations of love and romance during the Christmas season, yet she still watches them all.  So I think here she was just searching Cinderella stories as this is not the only one on the list that has something to do with Cinderella.

Three Under The Mistletoe by Tia Siren

This is one author I have seen my mom read multiple books by, and not all of them are in the same series.  She even subscribed to the Authors mailing list to know when new books come out.  But I also know she read this one just so she could get to the next book in the series.

Outlaw by Nicole James

Another book on here from Nicole James, now this is something my mom has really gotten into MC (Motorcycle Club Books).  You will see a few more series of MC books on this list as I think she has read 4 or 5 series.  It makes me wonder if my mom would have married a MC guy if she never met my dad.  She does have a friend that is a preacher in a Motorcycle Club.

Hawk’s Property by Chiah Wilder

Yet another MC series.  I am really seeing this as a thing with her but I can not prove anything.

Cocky Roomie by Faleena Hopkins

When my mom first recommended this series (The Cocker Brothers) I had to have her repeat what she said as I really did think she had finally lost her mind with that newest recommendation.  But it seems that she did not.

Captured by Jordan Marie

Like I said the MC books are really popular with my mom.  She keeps saying it is hot guys with tattoos but I am not really sure.  I think it is the whole thing.

Big Bad Twins by Tia Siren

I pointed out earlier my mom is really into this author and it is with her books my mom has become slowly into the menage books.  I am beginning to wonder if now instead of one man for my sister or I she is looking for multiple.

Sometimes I worry about my mom reading romance novels since I have been reading them since High School.  I don’t think she realizes how much I have read over the years that she finds it OK to show and interest in books like those above but I will admit it does give us something to talk about.

Question for Readers

What is the strangest thing you wish a family member had never recommended for you to read?  I am not sure yet if I regret my mom’s recommendations but I am weary of them for they mean that the things we talk about will change and now she is asking for me to take her to see Fifty Shades Darker.

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